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Peter Adebiyi came onto the leadership scene in 2007. He has been in fellowship since 2002 along with his family.

Peter is supported by his wife Oluremi and his children – Adenike (Nikki), Mayowa (Mayo) and Adetunji (TJ) – all of whom render excellent service at the church. Nikki is the Sunday School teacher for 8 – 12 yr olds and is on the worship and hospitality teams. Mayo supports media ministries, finance and administration, health and safety while young TJ is an excellent drummer and graphic designer for our publications/productions.

Peter & Olu work in Health and Social care and are very caring by nature. They recently celebrated 25 years of marriage. They support the minister by visiting members, representing the church at cluster events, transporting the elderly and frail, and in the day to day running of the church. Peter covers for the minister alongside Tony.

Peter is a man of integrity, patience and wisdom. He is looked upon with respect as a leader in his socio-cultural circle and serves as a bridge to understanding and reaching out to the local community. A pillar of support to the church family and is dependable at all times, Pastor Peter is welcoming to newcomers and ensures their comfort during the settling process. He is approachable and is a good listener.

Peter enjoys get-together and socials and takes pleasure in overseeing event organisation.

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